PoW Camp 1006 Willems Barracks

The PoW Camp was built within Willems Barracks (West Cavalry Barracks) complex in Aldershot. These barracks where demolished some years ago and whilst the entrance has been preserved the site is occupied by a Premier Inn, Tesco’s and other buildings


Wellington Avenue, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 1SQ


Site Visits

March 2019


DSLR Photos

This site contained a large Victorian military Cavalry Barracks a part of which was used as a PoW Camp. The camp may have occupied he entire site, but this is unlikely. Post War the site was developed into modern military accommodation. With the cold war draw down the  housing and other military facilities was sold off many years ago and the site cleared.

In clearing and redeveloping the site a Premier Inn Hotel and Pub restraint was built at one end of the site along with a super store with many other buildings being elected on this site it is not possible to accurately locate or discover the remains the former PoW Camp.

What I have done though is to photograph the preserved former Barracks Entrance along with the Premier Inn Hotel and Pub Restaurant located adjacent to the Wellington Roundabout on the A325. Looking at the site and the entrance to the Premier Inn from the preserved Barracks Entrance is a tower with a gateway that is meant to in its design echo back to the site’s military history. However, it looks darker and more sinister in that it resembles the entrance to some of the concentration camps.

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Camp 1006 Willems Barracks