PoW Camp 613 Black Beck

This former PoW Camp was built next to a Royal Armoured Corps Depot. But time moves on; the Camp was cleared, and houses built on the site and most of the Depot is now an industrial estate and Cadet Camp


Stainton Grove, Stainton Grove, Barnard Castle, County Durham, DL12 8EU


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August 2019


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The PoW Camp was built on close to a former Royal Armed Corps Depot. Post War the PoW Camp was cleared, and houses built on the site. The housing being made up of military married quarters and either officer MQs or council housing.

Subsequently the Royal Armoured Corps Depot closed, and the site became an Industrial estate with a mixture of original and new buildings. The Depot Guardroom is now a Car Valet site. And the eastern part of the depot has survived and remains under military ownership and us used by Army Cadets. There are several history boards around the site, although I have to say I did not spot any that mentioned the PoW site.

This site has another very interesting aspect to its history In that there is another Camp 613. This in itself is not unusual. However, that site in Leicestershire is also a former military depot that closed within the past 30 post the end of the cold war. And in both cases large parts of the sites have remain AND in each case the military has maintained a small presence.

Note: I was unable to take any drone images due to high winds.

Camera Images of the site of former PoW Camp 613 Black Beck