PoW Camp 233 Findo Gask

Site of Dispersed Airfield with former PoW Camp at Dispersed Airman Accommodation Site


Field Near C411 Roman Road, Findo Gask, Perth, Perth & Kinross, Scotland


Site Visits

June 2019


DSLR and Drone Photos

This former PoW Site was based at a War Time Build RAF Airfield. Airfields like this and other such as Kings Cliff and many more were dispersed. That is to say that the runway was laid, and an ATC Tower was put up, then all other buildings were when possible spit into several groups and built up to 2Km away from the runway centre. In created the PoW Camp at Findo Cast one of the dispersed accommodation sites was simply taken over with extra fencing and facilities added to house the PoWs.

The original location I had for this site was that of the centre of the airfield. However, on examining the area I saw that construction work was going on to build a small housing estate in and around the old control tower which itself was included within the development. This place has been named Clathymore. In talking to the site foreman, I was shown the original airfield plans that identified the dispersed accommodation area which happened to be to the south east alongside Roman Road in Findo Gask

Camera and Drone Images of the site of former PoW Camp 233 Findo Gask