PoW Camp 279 Militia Camp Yaxley Farcet

Site of former PoW Camp 279 to the south of Peterborough. This was a large camp with concrete paths and roadways that have survived, as have the bases of some of the huts within what is now woodland


Just off the A15 London Road in Yaxley with access via a small parallel road called Folly Close and sign posted as a Public Path. Yaxley, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire


Site Visits

May 2019


DSLR and Drone Photos
UK Foreign Office Inspection Report

Yaxley is just to the south of Peterborough and is on the urban / countryside boundary. The views of the remains of tis camp via Google and Ordinance Survey are deceptive in that the camp looks like a medium sized camp with next to nothing there. This is not case.

Access to the site is via small road just of the main road from Yaxley to Peterborough. The roadway into the camp and major accessways and hardstanding all of concrete have survived. On the way in you see a concrete square with trees and scrub to the side though which you can see the remains of brick and concrete structures. As you walk into the main camp are you come across what is basically a large square common / lawn / parade ground that is overgrown and has a concrete path all the way around it.

Whilst I was walking and looking around here, I came across lots of plants and wildlife including fox’s and rabbits as well as a caterpillar cocoon. I also came across some dog walkers who told me a bit about the site. I was told that the site was as I had guessed very large and that it held in the region of 2,000 PoWs who worked at local farms as well as at the Sand and Clay Quarries to the north of the site what are now water pits in the production of bricks. I was also told that the last buildings on the site were taken down some 10 to 15 years ago. In the woods at the north end of the site I found multiple hut bases some with trees growing though that produced some great images. I also came across shelters with fire pits that someone had built within the woods that where mainly oak, larch, and beech.

The various Inspection Reports detail a very, very unhappy camp

Camera and Drone Images of the site of the former PoW Camp 279 Militia Camp Yaxley Farcet

Extracts from UK FO Inspection Reports from UK National Archives Kew:

FO 939/315 PoW Camp 279 Militia Camp Yaxley Farcet – General Report
FO 939/315 PoW Camp 279 Militia Camp Yaxley Farcet – Lecture Reports